Create a Low-Cost Rain Poncho Made of Garbage Bags

Create a low-cost rain poncho made of garbage bags, recycle your garbage bag to use again after drying. This easy to use rain poncho folds up small, perfect for hiding in places around the homestead when you get caught in a downpour.

| December 1999/January 2000

This article shows you how to create a low-cost rain poncho made of garbage bags when you get caught in the middle of an unexpected storm. 

If ever you have been caught in a sudden rain or found yourself looking at the sky wondering how those dark clouds snuck up on you, there is a solution: garbage bags! Take any 30-gallon garbage bag and turn it upside down. Create a low-cost rain poncho made of garbage bags by cutting a hole for your head and one for each arm. Refold the bag. When it is needed, it slips over you like a poncho and saves most of you from getting wet.

Refolded, these homemade ponchos take up so little space you can keep them almost anywhere, and the cost is so low you can stash them almost everywhere. We made some (on a rainy day) and put them in every conceivable place where we might get caught outside. We taped one to the inside of the tractor hood, put one under a rock at the far end of the pasture, even put one in a knothole of a tree.

Recycle? Easy. If you use one, dry it out, refold and return to its original hiding place.

—Terry Pruitt
Gadsden, Alabama

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