A Noble Goal: Living Within Our Budget of Energy

| 11/4/2010 7:43:05 PM

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I recently received this message from a European emailer:

"Just found and read your site.  It is good to find that there are Americans thinking and caring about the future and not just starting another war for the next few oil fields. I wish there would be more of your sort." 

Is this what the world thinks of us? His email made me wonder:


I have heard it said (and I don’t think they were kidding): “He who dies with the most toys wins.”

frank lee
5/21/2011 12:54:19 AM

This blog contains some of the most insightful posts I've seen in a long, long time. Bravo! Now... where'd everybody go?

Craig Vetter
1/5/2011 9:54:43 AM

Thank you, Mandy: I think you have the situation pegged. We cannot count on our elected leaders. We need to do it ourselves. In the bigger picture, we have become used to having hundreds of horsepower or kilowatts (all the same) at our disposal. Sure has been nice. Life has been comfortable and cushy, hasn't it? Learning how to "live better on our own resources" is my goal. 'Tis a noble goal. Sounds like you are well on your way.

Mandy Lange
12/7/2010 7:53:45 PM

I just posted on a similar subject about the energy crisis and I will say here like I said on the other blog...we have become enamored with our "toys"! Although, reducing energy is needing to be top priority, sadly too many of the legislators and voters are in the conspicous consumption track and would never dare ponder laws to reduce energy outputs/usage. America is not the country immigrants should be aspiring to live in as it once was. We are so full of ourselves over here that it is shameful. I agree that it will be individuals that make a difference not a law. I, myself, hang my clothes outside to dry, have a large veggie garden in town, all landscaping is edible, use rain barrels to conserve water, use CFL's entirely in the house, rarely use A/C, have a compost pile, walk to most places, am an avid recycler, etc. If there is a benefit to individuals taking control of their energy usage, it is in seeing lower bills and knowing you are not contributing to the energy crisis. If, god forbid, there is a catastrophic energy crisis where electricity fails to work, the "green" individuals will be the ones who have the self-sustainability skills to venture through the new "Dark Age".

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