Light Pollution From Outdoor Lighting Wastes Money and Energy

Learn how light pollution from outdoor lighting threatens our our universe, wastes money and energy and causes problems with the environment.

| December 2001/January 2002

Fred Schaaf talks about how light pollution from outdoor lighting causes problems for our starry nights and planet. 

One half of our natural world is rapidly disappearing. It is the half we call the night.

Today, most young Americans have never seen a naturally dark and starry sky. The awesome sight of the universe's brilliance, which has inspired humanity for millenia, is being lost to 21st century excess. The cause? Light pollution: excessive or misdirected outdoor lighting. Light pollution from outdoor lighting threatens not just the starry night but also our pocketbooks, our health, flora and fauna, motorist safety and much more.

Some places have already put laws in place to fight light pollution. But much more action is needed.

Light Pollution's Harms

By lighting up the atmosphere with "skyglow" for miles around small cities, and dozens of miles around larger ones, light pollution robs us of our awesome view of our place in the universe. But this form of pollution also robs us of money and energy. Studies show that just the light going off directly into outer space because of poorly shielded or unshielded fixtures is wasting several billion dollars in the United States each year, more than the entire annual energy consumption of most countries. Light pollution therefore contributes to the need for more power plants and their resultant air and water pollution.

Light pollution also creates some more immediately dangerous situations. For example, "glare" — unwanted light that shines directly into people's eyes — makes driving more hazardous for motorists.

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