Kitchen Medicine, Newspaper Logs, and Other Syndicated Features

Pieces on kitchen medicine and homemade newspaper logs were among the stories originally presented in MOTHER EARTH NEWS that newspapers around the U.S. picked up as syndicated features.

| March/April 1979

Over the past six years 100+ newspapers have run stories from MOTHER EARTH NEWS as syndicated features. Here are three.

Kitchen Medicine

"There's headaches a nd there's headaches," says Marj Watkins, "and I treat most of the ones my family gets with good ol' kitchen medicine."

For tension headaches, Marj says, " Get away, have a drink of water, take a few breaths of fresh air. Massage the back of the head, the neck and the shoulders, or find someone to do it lovingly for you. Locate the bundle of nerves midway between your earlobe and your collarbone and gently stroke the knotted area on each side with your fingertips. Experiment till you find the most relaxing motion."

Ms. Watkins gives a sufferer of fatigue headaches dried apricots or cashews or raisins and sunflower seeds (to raise the level of blood sugar). She also advises a long, hot soak in a tub of water containing two cups of strong lovage, lavender, linden, or mint tea.

If you get headaches from glare, Marj feels you should eat lots of green vegetables and apricots and that you should take 50,000 units of vitamin A before a day spent on water or snow in the bright sun. Once the pain has struck, she advises relaxing in a dim corner with a damp, cool cloth over closed eyes.

And if heat causes your head to throb'? Ms. Watkins says to lie down in a cool, dark place with your head slightly raised. Sip a little cool water slowly and refresh the face, hands, and neck with water.

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