MOTHER EARTH NEWS: June/July 2010More Than a Magazine ... A Way of Life 

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Why Natural Insect Control Works Better
Interplant flowers with your food crops to promote a balanced insect ecology and achieve natural insect control without toxic pesticides, plus learn how to protect garden plants with physical barriers, succession planting, trap crops and more.



The Truth About Vegetarianism
Not eating meat won’t solve our planet’s problems. If we want a truly sustainable civilization, we need to look at the basic truths about the nature of food and farming.

Compact Tractors: What to Consider When Buying
Armed with a little implement understanding and machinery know-how, you can learn to speak the dealer’s language and get the compact tractor you need.

Keep a Family Cow and Enjoy Delicious Milk, Cream, Cheese and More
Have a cow! Here’s what you need to know to buy and care for a dairy cow. You’ll have a blast, plus you’ll save money on dairy products (and even meat).

The Good Work of Busy Beavers
These “ecosystem engineers” create wetlands that in turn support a wide diversity of wildlife.