John Shuttleworth: Editor/Publisher of The Mother Earth News

The first Plowboy Interview with John Shuttleworth, editor-publisher of The Mother Earth News.

| March/April 1970

The first issue of The Mother Earth News as you'll recall, had no "explanation. " Just three and a half lines on the masthead that said, in essence, "Here it is. " That was done on purpose: MOTHER figured you could decide - without the flowers and the flags - whether or not you wanted her.

As it turned out, that bugged some people who wanted not only MOTHER...but some background information too. Here then, is the first (and, possible, the last) MOTHER EARTH NEWS Plowboy Interview...John Shuttleworth, editor-publisher of TMEN is on the other end.

Plowboy: Just what is TMEN all about, anyway?

JS: The magazine is dedicated to only two things: Giving people back their lives and stopping the rape of the planet.

Plowboy: What do you mean by "giving people back their lives"?

JS: Just that. I want everyone to be their own man - everybody to have control and direction of their own lives. Abraham Lincoln said it best. "Just as I would not be a slave, I will not have one." I want to be free, therefore I am interested in helping others be free.

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