It keeps getting scarier

| 12/5/2012 1:07:38 PM

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 World Bank Report coverA new report from the World Bank — not your typical group of alarmist tree-huggers, eh? — has this to say:

1. The consensus for a decade now has been that we have to avoid going over 2 degrees Celsius of global warming at all costs. The report says that even if all emissions-reductions commitments are kept, we’ll blow by that limit on our way to 4 degrees Celsius (that’s over 9 degrees Fahrenheit) of warming by the end of the century. If those commitments aren’t kept, and so far we haven’t come close, we’ll hit 4 degrees by 2060. (Not in the report, but extrapolating out, we would then hit an incredible 8 degrees of warming by the end of the century. The last ice age was only 5 degrees of temperature change.)

2. The impact of a 4-degrees-warmer world will be "unprecedented heat waves, severe drought, and major floods in many regions, with serious impacts on human systems, ecosystems, and associated services."

3. Trends: the observed changes in climate have been escalating, not stabilizing and certainly not slowing down.

What will the 4-degree world look like? According to the report:

1. Extreme heat — with consequences (heat-related deaths, forest fires, harvest losses) that “could be expected to vastly exceed the consequences experienced to date, and potentially exceed the adaptive capacities of many societies and natural systems.” 

12/10/2012 6:00:56 AM

Don't want to make too much hay here, as my intent in reading on MEN is to enjoy myself, not get into political discourse. What you're asking for above though, Tim, is pure nonsense. It's asking for the quelling of what is probably innate in every human. Discovery. Think for a second here if Columbus had adopted your line of thinking. Just get smarter and save Spain or Europe as a whole... There wouldn't be a USA in it's form now. And the 'We will never' attitude shows me how close minded you are about human endeavor. Heck. We will never walk on the moon. We will never cross that vast ocean. We will never get that promotion. Negativity breeds it. Better men have done all those things because they decided NEVER isn't a word in their vocabulary. I believe we CAN live on this Earth and do it well, AND we can expand our horizons to other planets and moons and then, perhaps galaxies. I won't be here to see it, but it fires my imagination to think that the next new frontier is always just beyond our reach, and we, as humans, always manage to reach it. You can live in your world. I'll live in mine.

12/9/2012 4:59:56 AM

There is no anthropogenic global warming, just normal variations on the climate over time. "Global warming" is just an excuse for global government, and a fascist global government at that.

An American
12/7/2012 4:53:22 PM

Tim apparently the sand that you have your head buried in is rife with liberal mantra clap trap that is full of junk science and computer models based on faulty projections designed to give bad government an excuse to raise taxes and waste money. Those of us who actually follow real scientist not computer model leftist alarmist know that global warming has been debunked thoroughly.

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