Is Natural Gas Green?

| 1/13/2015 1:13:00 PM

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In an effort to live a greener, more eco-friendly lifestyle, you may be questioning the way you’re heating your home. This is especially true for those living in houses which are fitted with natural gas furnaces.

While the word natural is contained within the description of this fuel source, there’s great debate about how truly renewable and organic it may be.

Where Natural Gas Comes From

First, it’s critical to understand where and how we actually get natural gas. The gas, which is a combination of mostly methane mixed with other gases, occurs as a geological formation within the Earth. Once a large enough amount has been discovered, it is tapped by drilling wells. Using specialized equipment, the gas that is released from these wells is brought to the surface of the Earth and ultimately distributed to users across a region.

At first glance, this process seems to be entirely green; after all, we are taking a naturally occurring fuel and simply bringing it into our structures to burn. However, there are more elements to this picture to consider when determining the greenness of this product.

The Top Issues With Natural Gas

While the gas itself is natural, the methods used to bring it to market may be disconcerting for some people who want to live in an environmentally conscientious way. For instance, the machines that are utilized at drill sites use a wide variety of other fuels, including diesel fuel, oil and electricity (which is sometimes created using coal) to complete their jobs. This means that fossil fuels may be burned at high rates to get natural gas into our homes.

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