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MOTHER'S international mind, body, spirit travel trips offer a great bargain for the money. Learn about our economical travel trip destinations in Hawaii, South Seas, Himalayas, Japan and Australia.

| November/December 1982

"The art, and indeed all adventure, is the art of being bold enough to enjoy life now."
(W.H. Murray)

MOTHER'S international mind, body, spirit travel trips offer unique, economical destinations around the world. 

Many issues back, we warned readers that there would probably never be a better time to see the world with MOTHER, as the cost of travel was destined to climb. Sadly—and despite our efforts to hold prices down while still offering memorable, and educational, tours—this prediction has (with a few exceptions) come true. On the other hand, the dollar is currently stronger than usual against many foreign currencies, but even this financial break is likely to be temporary . . . while airfares continue on a never-ending upward spiral. So, again, we feel there's no time like the present to indulge your wanderlust by taking advantage of our international mind, body, spirit travel trips.

What's more, MOTHER'S trips offer a whole lot for the money (In fact, we have some super bargains!) And in addition to organizing thoughtfully selected and carefully planned journeys, we provide opportunities for you to share your experiences with some especially interesting, like-minded folks. As one world traveler remarked during the final days of our spectacular and eventful river rafting adventure in Alaska, "You know, this whole trip has been great, but it's the people who've made it so special!"

We hope you'll be "bold enough" to join and enjoy one of our remarkable overseas adventures . . . now.


In order to accommodate different interests and budgets, Jordan College, our cosponsor on this trip, has put together three different options for our Hawaii Energy Tour (December 6 to 13, 1982).

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