In Defense of Plants

| 12/14/2015 11:30:00 AM

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Have you ever looked at a plant before? I mean really looked at a plant. Have you ever wondered why it grows the way it does or how it adapts to an ever changing world when it itself is incapable of moving? These thoughts have peppered my mind from an early age.

I remember the first time I looked at duckweed under a microscope. I was amazed to discover that this strange green coating on the surface of my favorite fishing ponds was actually made up of thousands of little plants. I would later learn that some species of duckweed produce the smallest flowers in the world.

I soon realized that when I try to find out more about the plant species that we share the world with, all I seem to turn up are information regarding some sort of medicinal property or folk lore we humans have ascribed to them.

In Defense of Plants

It would seem that most people don’t pay any attention to plants unless they are pretty or useful in some way. I reject this reality outright. If no one was going to write the kinds of stories that I wanted to read, then I guess it was up to me to do so. Thus, In Defense of Plants was born.

Plants are everything on this planet. They have this amazing ability to use our nearest star to break apart water and CO2 gas in order to grow and reproduce. When you stand at the base of a giant sequoia or redwood and look up at the canopy some 300+ feet in the air, you are looking at a tower of carbon whose atoms were once floating around in the lungs of the animals in that forest. This is a powerful thing to realize.

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