How to Keep Coyotes Away from your Property

| 1/22/2018 10:24:00 AM

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Coyotes are incredibly smart animals. Most homeowners don’t give these scavengers enough credit, but they are well known for their cunning and wily ways. Their senses of sight, hearing, and smell are excellent, much like a dog. There’s a reason for that; coyotes belong to the same family as creatures like foxes, dogs, jackals, and wolves. This is the Canidae family, typically recognized by thick fur with bushy, thick tails, long and slender bodies, and longer snouts.

Coyotes, just like others belonging to the same family of animals, can be rather large. Many of them are about the same size as your average, medium-sized pooch, although still smaller than wolves. This means that they can weigh as much as 50 pounds.

Once upon a time, coyotes would have lived far away from humans. They’d have hidden themselves in the mountains, or roamed the wide, open plains. Some would have spread out into other countries from North America, such as Canada, and, being so adaptable, would even survive rather well in the desert. For a thick-coated animal, they don’t seem to have too much of a problem with warmer temperatures. Some species have learned to thrive in even tropical climates.

Their wild environments are starting to dwindle, sadly, and this has meant a need for the animal to adapt even further. They have been forced to get closer and closer to humans, just like many other wild animals. It is now not uncommon to find these large scavengers right alongside humans. Although once relatively unheard of, coyotes are fast becoming another species of nuisance wildlife found in places like Los Angeles.  If you are experiencing a problem with coyotes, and need professional help removing them, please contact Los Angeles wildlife operators to help you.

There are ways that you can keep these creatures off your land, of course, but you will find that many of the methods require modifying your property in some way. These modifications work in more ways than just keeping a couple of pest coyotes out of the way, however, and could go a long way to protecting your land full stop, from a wide range of nuisance wildlife.  They include fencing, underground mesh wiring, electric fencing, and identifying what is attracting the coyotes in the first place, such as food and making sure it is removed.  Again, a lot of these methods are not easy, so hiring a professional may be your best option to save time and frustration.

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