Hospital Infections, Prison Farm Training, and Other News Items

This installment of a continuing short news items feature includes stories on deaths from hospital infections and the job skills training that prisoners in Suffolk County, NY have received on a prison farm.

| November/December 1978


A report on the incidence and mortality associated with hospital infections called for better sanitation to combat the problem.


The following news items were drawn from multiple sources.

Hospital Infections

15,000 Americans a Year Die From Hospital-Related Infections says the Association for Professionals in Infection Control. In fact, the group pointed out to a meeting in Boston that two million people annually enter U.S. hospitals with one disease and wind up with another. The organization feels that tighter control over sanitation procedures could eliminate a lot of suffering and save over $1 billion a year in health care costs.

Prison Farm Training

Paid Workers on Prison Farms might seem to defeat the purpose of these institutions, but Long Island's Suffolk County Jail has found that its new "hired hands" increase both the production and the training value of the prison's fields. These experienced farm workers teach the inmates worthwhile skills—such as small engine repair and building construction—which can lead to employment on the "outside." In the past, most penal farms used their captive work forces for unskilled "stoop labor" (tomato picking, etc.) and gave little thought to the development of marketable abilities. 

Herbal Dog Food

A New Leash on Life? According to home businesswoman Gertrude "Sissy" McGill, her "Solid Gold" herbal dog food promotes canine health and longevity. The dry, biscuit like chow-which actually incorporates meat, fish, bone meal, cheese, and ten natural herbs-is now being sold in all 50 states.

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