The Last Laugh: Historical Romance

A historical romance that never was threatens to disturb the peace in Plumbtree Crossing.

| November/December 1981

the last laugh - mustard and red

With help from the spirit of Christmas, a historical romance can prevail over a grudge.


"A Historical Romance is the only kind of book where chastity really counts."Barbara Cartland. 

"Stop right there, you shine-sippin' scallywags! Don't eves bother to open the door!"  

Well sir, I don't reckon I ever told you about Sylvester "Ol' Silver" Pennywhistle, the feller what owns an' operates Barren County's Gen'ral Store (which, as you do know, is the main waterin' hole of thet group of cronies known as the Plumtree Crossin' Truth an' Veracity League).

"Can't you old fossils even, read?! The sign in the window there says, `ANY FRIENDS OF NEWT BLANCHARD CAN GIT AND STAY GOT!' "  

Fact is, though, I ain't fixin' to tell you about Mister Pennywhistle today, either, 'cause thet mild-mannered storekeeper, who's spent pretty much his whole life sittin' perched aside his cash register (lookin' fer all the world like one of those cans of fancy French snails what's been standin' on the store shelffer goin' on three decades now) ... well, he jist ain't thet intrestin' a person.

"You don't believe one, huh? Well, you'll listen to this!"  

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