American Humor: A Helpful Country Neighbor

The Plumtree boys meet up with Burt, who plays the role of a helpful country neighbor and proceeds to get paid $25 to take home a cord of wood in the process.

| September/October 1982

The Last Laugh shares MOTHER EARTH NEWS reader submitted American humor with other readers. The Plumtree boys meet up with Burt, who tells about how being a helpful country neighbor can really pay off in the long run. 

American Humor: A Helpful Country Neighbor

"[Mules] are like sum men, verry korrupt at harte: ive known them tu be good mules for 6 months, just tu git a good chanse tu kick sumbody."
Josh Billings

"My nephew Bill has the laziest rooster in the world. He never crows, but waits until some other rooster crows and then nods his head."
Uncle Levi Zink

"A banker is a fellow who hands you an umbrella when the sun is shining and wants it back the minute it begins to rain."
Mark Twain

Well sir, it bein' harvest time, most folks around Plumtree Crossin' has been too blamed busy to git inta the kind of sitchyations what make fer good stories. (The of gents what usually gather at th' Gen'ral Store ain't really been workin' much theyselves, o'course, but those fellers has been layin' purty low so's to avoid gittin' volunteered fer enny labor.)

Thet bein' th' case, I'm right pleased to be able to share a fine piece of foolishness what originally appeared in Angus MacLander's "Hardscrabble" column in a periodical knowed as The Farmer's Friend (thet weekly paper kin be ordered fer a mere $6.00 per year from Towanda Printing Company, Dept. TMEN, Towanda, Pennsylvania).

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