Brief Profiles: Helen Caldicott, Pamela Sue Martin, and Other Notable Persons

Some people are famous for putting themselves on the line, as Dr. Helen Caldicott has done for nuclear disarmament. Some famous people put themselves on the line, as actress Pamela Sue Martin has done for Greenpeace.

| May/June 1983

nuclear disarmament - illustration of a nuclear bomb struck through by a red line

Dr. Helen Caldicott founded Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament (WAND) in 1982.

Illustration by Fotolia/ufotopixl10

Prominent antinuclear activist Dr. Helen Caldicott has founded an organization called Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament (WAND). Members will focus their efforts on political action: endorsing candidates, working to pass nuclear-freeze referendums, and lobbying prior to critical votes in Congress.

Pamela Sue Martin (who plays the part of Fallon Carrington on television's Dynasty) has traveled to Newfoundland and appeared on U.S. talk shows on behalf of the environmental group Greenpeace. She has devoted her time to the protest of such long-standing Greenpeace targets as nuclear power and the annual harp seal harvest.

Leesburg, Florida citrus grower Lee McComb farms one of the largest organic groves in the Sunshine State, tending 65 acres of fruit without the use of chemicals. Though most of Florida's agriculturists opine that chemical-free farming cannot be profitable, Lee has managed to surpass the average 400-box-per-acre statewide grapefruit yield of recent years by harvesting as many as 600 boxes of fruit per acre from some parts of his orchard.

When Jerry Kaluhiwa realized that the seaweed in Honolulu's Kaneohe Bay had been all but stripped by foragers, he began a volunteer program of seaweed cultivation to replenish the underwater crop. Kaluhiwa and his helpers took charge of a one-acre plot, where they plant and tend seedlings of the Hawaiian delicacy. "We want to regenerate and preserve a badly depleted ocean resource that was once a common food source in the area," says Jerry.

A colorful 700-foot-long procession of piggyback trailers, decorated with wildlife murals that urged the protection of endangered species, made the Santa Fe Railway Chicago-Los Angeles run last February. The mural trailers were commissioned by Jerry G. Chambers, the founder and chairman of a Chicago-based freight-forwarding firm called Clipper Exxpress Company.

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