Healthy Planet Magazines

MOTHER suggests these healthy planet magazines that provide helpful eco-friendly articles and ideas.

| May/June 1978

Try these healthy planet magazines for helpful environmental suggestions.

Try these healthy planet magazines for helpful environmental suggestions.


These healthy planet magazines are sure to give you ideas that are environmentally sound.

Healthy Planet Magazines

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Running Times Magazine
Woodbridge, Virginia

Fitness is one of those things we're all gonna achieve . . . when we've got the time. Of course we never have the time. Oh, maybe a short jog on occasion, a little tennis, a vacation (when we actually have to look at our bodies) dip in the ocean. Well, to some people . . . running is . . . fitness. Often running in fun-runs (non-competitive) and other running-oriented activities . . . ever hear of running in the New Year?

The folks at Running Times magazine are more than familiar with such "craziness". They live it and they love it . . . and the heart they put into running is apparent in each monthly issue of Running Times.

This is not your basic, slick, take-advantage-of-the-trend publication. Rather it's good, solid coverage of running events — hundreds of 'em — n the East, South, and Midwest. From the non-competitive fun-runs to marathons and ultramarathons (the editor-publisher of RT, Ed Ayres, recently completed a 50-mile ultra, and two of the other editors — Phil Stewart and Rick Platt — are among the best marathoners in the country) Running Times provides an insightful look at the world of running and runners.

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