Hand-E-Glove Barrier Lotion Now More Widely Distributed

| 2/28/2013 11:28:21 AM

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Hand-E-Glove, the amazing protective barrier hand lotion, is now the auto mechanic’s best tool. It is applied like ordinary hand lotion but does so much more.

It’s impossible to work on an engine, transmission or brakes without getting your hands filthy with grease, grime, oil and brake dust. But now, before grabbing a wrench or can of oil, mechanics can smooth on Hand-E-Glove. It forms an invisible shield from lube grease, gunk, grime and oil. Job done? Simply wash with plain soap and water and watch the grime and grease wash away and leave your hands soft . Ready for your next task? Apply more Hand-E-Glove and you are good to go. At day’s end, your clothes may show what you’ve worked on but not your hands.

And you’ll reach for Hand-E-Glove® before starting those home and yard chores, too.

“Hand E Glove’s skin-softening, anti-static formulation,” said CAIG Labs. President, Mark Lohkemper, “protects and leaves hands soft and moisturized. It also works great under gloves to help keep your skin from drying and cracking.

Originally developed and used for years in the electronics industry, Hand-E-Glove®, is now available at leading retailers and it can be ordered online at www.earthEproducts.com. Before you reach for a wrench or lube gun, reach for Hand-E-Glove®.

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