Have a Green Holiday by Focusing Less on the Red

| 12/7/2012 3:48:13 PM

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Every year around this time we are bombarded by songs, advertisements and shows that make us glaringly aware of the holiday season. We are being pulled in a million different directions to buy this, watch that and eat those (maybe too many of those). Let us add one more voice to the cacophony, but one that says “keep it green.” This holiday season, we can do more than just bring our reusable shopping bags to the store; we can celebrate the entire season with sustainability in mind. Here are some helpful ways to make this a green holiday.

Green Holiday DinnerEat Local. Try to find producers of pork, turkey, root veggies and the Christmas goose from your own community. Not only will you be staying closer to home, but if you buy from a local organic farm you will also get a product that is friendlier for the environment and is likely healthier for you! Check out Local Harvest to find locally produced foods in your area.

Buy Local. You can support your neighbors and reduce your dependence on unsustainable distribution systems when you buy local.

Buy crafts and arts created by local artisans, or toys that are made in a nearby city. Buying toys and other products that have been produced with strict environmental standards are less likely to have contaminants and won’t have to travel around the world before they get to the store. Try some local soaps, lotions or candles made nearby from farm-fresh ingredients. It is likely that they will be less processed, contain fewer chemicals and have a much lower carbon footprint than products you could buy at the big box stores.

Cards and holiday decorations can easily be locally sourced. Look in local shops, farmers markets and craft fairs for unique items to make your house more festive. You can pick up ideas on Pinterest or the MOTHER EARTH NEWS website for holiday decorations to make with friends.

Buy Less. Avoid creating waste in the first place by buying fewer things. Make homemade gifts of cards and food instead. Throw a party for friends so you can spend time together without any of the stress of holiday shopping. Have a cookies and cocoa party where everyone decorates cookies together, makes cards or knits scarves for each other.

Jennifer Kongs
3/14/2013 5:36:27 PM

Testing to see how this works.

David Stevens
2/6/2013 2:51:46 PM

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Cindy Lucento
12/11/2012 5:41:51 PM

Love this article Megan! I am proud of you and also of your affiliation with Mother Earth News. It has long been one of our favorite magazines. We have subscribed for years. Merry Christmas to you! Cindy

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