Grasshopper Introduces Improved PowerVac Vacuum Collector

| 1/24/2013 12:03:01 PM

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 PwerVac latch 

Building upon nearly 50 years of airflow research that has made its PowerVac the most productive vacuum collection system for homeowners and turf-care professionals, the Grasshopper Company has introduced the new Model 8HT PowerVac collector.

The improved design of the 8HT collector includes a hinged metal top with a spring-loaded metal latch that locks the top in place, allowing for easier removal and emptying of the twin 4-cubic-foot bags. Also new are tougher, reinforced mesh bags that are more tear- and rip-resistant.

Combined with the powerful deck-driven Quik-D-Tatch vac drive, the 8-cubic-foot capacity collector makes a clean sweep through everything from thick spring grass, wet fall leaves and even pine needles and other yard debris for a picture-perfect finish with every pass.

The 8HT collector is compatible with all Grasshopper mowers, including existing PowerVac collection systems, and is perfectly suited for homeowners and landscape contractors maintaining small- to medium-acreage properties.

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