Google Case Study: Initiatives

| 7/17/2012 9:22:32 AM

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Google can be the most enlightened power-user on the planet. Because it is so successful, and because it uses a lot of electricity, Google has the opportunity to set a new global standardfor clean power. The company already makes a noticeable contribution to clean energy through its efficient computers, the headquarters’ solar array, its dedication to electric and electric-hybrid transportation and its research projects. Google is studying utility-scale renewable electricity, plug-in vehicles and smart metering for businesses and households. 

True to Google’s engineering culture, the company’s contributions so far are relentlessly practical, made with an eye to efficiency. 

What if Google set a new standard of consuming electricity for its operations worldwide only from renewable sources? 

Wind turbine photo from Google GreenImagine a thousand server farms bristling with photovoltaic panels and wind turbines. It would cost something, but Google can afford it. It might not be practical or repeatable for the majority of companies today, but imagine the ripples of influence the new standard might send out across businesses around the world. Imagine utilities vying for Google’s patronage with their own renewable-energy solutions in every country where a Google computer is plugged in. 

Imagine competitors scrambling to do the same thing when conscientious computer users focus their activities on the Google sites. 

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