Going There: Vermont Biking Tours, New York Tours

The installment of Going There profiles two travel options for readers: Vermont biking tours and New York tours by Adventure on a Shoestring.

| July/August 1980

When one of our staffers wore her MOTHER EARTH NEWS T-shirt in Rio de Janeiro recently, she wasn't surprised to be stopped by some people who said, "Hey! We subscribe to that magazine!"

It seems, you see, that when MOTHER EARTH NEWS readers aren't on the old homestead building solar collectors, tending their livestock, putting up garden bounty, working on crafts projects, and so forth, many of them want to enjoy the varied and wonderful sights, sounds, smells, cultures, and adventures that our beautiful planet has to offer and are going there ... wherever "there" may be.

This observation leads us to believe that you folks probably have some dynamite travel tips (and trips) to share with your "walking softly on the earth" fellow readers. We hope, therefore, that you'll help fill this new column with timely, money-saving hints and unique vacation ideas straight from your personal experiences.

In the meantime, we'd like to introduce you to a couple of travel-related organizations that we think are pretty special.

Vermont Biking Tours

Featuring routes that follow safe and beautiful roads, freedom from mechanical worries, and comfortable lodgings and homecooked meals at country inns ... Vermont Bicycle Touring runs two-, three-, five-, and seven-day trips, which may be combined—without repetition—into excursions of up to 29 days.

According to your endurance, you can choose itineraries that vary from 15 miles a day on level roads to as much as 75 miles a day over the Green Mountains! Each tour participant is given a map and written directions, and rides at his or her own pace. However, VBT leaders (who are all good bike mechanics) are available to take care of any problems, and a well-equipped van carries luggage and spare parts—or gives lifts to tired cyclists—on the five and seven-day trips. There's also time to swim, browse in antique shops, visit historical sites, and picnic on village greens.

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