France’s New AutoRoute, Environmental News, Dolphin Safety and More Bits and Pieces

Environmental news from the field: Grass mulching, forestry degrees and planting a historic tree.

| February/March 1992


The numbers are rising on people studying forestry.


From the sustainable world of 1992, these Bits and Pieces of environmental news let us know what was happening in the sustainable world and how the times were changing.

What Would the Quaker Man Say?

A recent poll by the Wheat Foods Council in Englewood, Colo., found that 48 percent of Americans thought oatmeal was made out of wheat.

Mr. Goodwrench in Your Glovebox

Halfway to Boise, Idaho, you start to hear a grinding noise. Not the knock of a cold engine, not the steady whir of a loose fan belt — this sounds like a chain-link fence just hooked onto your bumper. Your car still runs but this can't be good. You're 58 miles from the next service station — if they even have someone who knows a tailpipe from a tobacco pipe — and no whiz under the hood yourself. What to do? Just pop in your "Roadside Repair and Car Care" cassette.

This clever new audiotape from Sound Advice is meant to be kept in a driver's glove compartment and will help motorists troubleshoot by talking them through various mechanical problems that can be fixed roadside. From sections on changing a flat tire to jump-starting a car, a soothing voice leads you through, step-by-step.

The 75-minute tape also contains checklists for maintenance, as well as travel tips. And it's all presented in an easy-to-under-stand fashion blissfully free of mechanical jargon.

New Jersey's Mulching Mowers

When municipal solid waste was decreased by 16 percent in just two months, the Passaic County Planning Board (PCPB) in New Jersey knew it was on to something with their "Grass... Cut it and Leave It" program.

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