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Earn a Living Doing What You Love
In this special feature, experienced backwoods breadwinners offer guidance for thinking outside the box to make a living in a rural setting or from home:
Rural Jobs: Make a Living in Your Rural Community or from a Homestead Business
Online Jobs from Home in the Digital Age
Running a Community-Supported Agriculture Business
Run a Cottage Food Business from Your Kitchen


Must-Try Tomatoes: Boost Flavor and Avoid Disease
Say goodbye to growing only your old standbys. Round out this season’s tomato patch with these expert-recommended picks that get high marks for flavor, vigor or disease resistance.

Raise Sheep: Low-Maintenance Livestock
Requiring less space and capital than cattle, sheep can provide homegrown, pastured meat with terrific flavor and a powerful nutrient profile.

DIY Greenhouse for Winter Growing
Growing food in this solar-heated structure will be far more productive than doing so with electric lights indoors. Plus, you can make it with low-cost materials.

Best Walls for Building a Home
Are straw bale, cordwood, cob or compressed-earth-block walls more sustainable than wood framing? This detailed analysis delivers a surprising answer.