Bits and Pieces: Featherless Chickens, High School Happy Meals, Timber Tax Breaks

Short news bits on human-powered speed, nitrogen fertilizer and migratory birds.

| May/June 1984

Pre-Plucked Pullets 

Researchers in California attempting to breed the perfect pullet have succeeded in producing a featherless chicken. Their attempts may have fallen a little short of perfection, however: Even though the bare birds eliminate the need for plucking and have fewer parasites, they seem to spend a great deal of energy trying to stay warm. Consequently, the wonder chickens eat more feed and lay fewer eggs. They're also more prone to disease than the unimproved feathered varieties.

Persuasive Argument for Organic Fertilizers 

Rising natural gas prices will triple the retail price of nitrogen fertilizer by 1985, according to a U.S. Department of Commerce report. Farmers won't be the only ones affected: The cost of a bushel of corn could increase by 50%.

Frostline Kits Makes Last-Minute Comeback 

We recently told you that unless a buyer turned up very fast, Frostline Kits, the "old timer" of outdoor gear kit-makers, would be no more. Well, a buyer did show. It's the same outfit, except for new faces and a new address, and it's holding to Fall '83 catalog prices.

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