What is Your Favorite Winter Tradition?

| 12/3/2010 10:23:38 AM

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Snow BerriesAs of this posting, we're fewer than three weeks away from the official start of winter. Here in Kansas the temperatures are steadily dropping and daylight is making shorter appearances in preparation for the months ahead. It seems everyone is tucking into wool scarves and trading recipes that call for extra butter. Like squirrels and birds and bears, we're topping off our stores, adding padding (of all kinds) wherever we can as a comforting buffer against North winds and empty garden rows. While some can't wait for the warmer days to return and others are invigorated by the seasonal briskness, most of us have some cold-weather habit, holiday activity or winter ritual that we hold dear. Whether it's burrowing under thick piles of blankets, watching for the first snow flakes or detecting the ghostly heat drifting out of a hot mug warming your hands — what are your favorite winter moments? Are you scouring seed catalogs or baking hearty breads; planning snowy hikes or heading somewhere the frost doesn't reach? Share your winter traditions in the comments below.

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1/6/2011 4:28:49 AM

I like the snowfall in winter. Hot cocoa . . . sitting by a warm, crackling fire . . . snuggling under a blanket with my significant other watching a movie. The change in season is incredible. There’s nothing like seeing a fresh blanket of snow on the ground. http://bellamorabellamora.mybellamora.com

1/6/2011 4:23:47 AM

I prefer winter. You can add clothing to keep warm. It is also easier to breathe in the fall and winter months.

connie stewart
12/7/2010 10:33:37 PM

I love the snow on the Spruce trees with clear blue skies and the Sun making everything look clean, and the crisp clear nights with the stars so bright they look like you could touch them.

12/7/2010 6:56:49 PM

I love going cross country skiing, or for long walk, bundled up warmly, enjoying the special peace and beauty of new fallen snow. when the world is so quiet, and the special hush that surrounds me. also enjoy the special winter beauty of nature, the beauty of bare tree branches, viewing the nests, and other things more visible, the beauty of birds, the beauty of frozen nature. Also love wearing warm cuddly sweaters, etc. and cuddling up with warm cup of tea, watching nature from indoors. Love how the whole world seems to be quieter, more peaceful.

mandy lange
12/7/2010 8:46:51 AM

We like to cuddle under blankets and watch movies, drink hot cocoa, burn candles, and drive around town to see other people's Christmas lights.

mandy lange
12/7/2010 8:44:26 AM

We love to snuggle under blankets and watch movies, drink hot cocoa, bake up a ton of cookies, bars, casseroles to heat the house up, and we drive around town to look at other people's Christmas lights.

12/6/2010 1:28:57 PM

We take a walk, hand in hand, on the first really cold day. Just a walk. It's good and cold in Georgia, finally, so tonight is our walk for this year and I can't wait to get home from work!

chris knite
12/4/2010 5:09:26 PM

The favorite tradition of my wife and I began from early in our marriage. Twenty years ago we didn't have much funds for holiday presents - but I came home with a special ornament. On a 3x5 card we wrote down things from that year: what we had accomplished, what we hoped to do, the names of our animals, and any other notable or special events from the year. Each year I'm assigned to buy a new ornament that has something to do with the past year. On Christmas eve we open and read random old ornaments for a quick sentimental walk down memory lane. Then we open and complete this year's card. It's a frugal tradition - but it is rich in memories.

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