What's Your Favorite Part of Spring?

| 4/8/2009 6:11:08 PM

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Pair of Goats 
 They may not be kids any more, but these pretty goats
 are probably just as giddy about fresh green grass
 snacks and warm weather as any newbie.

Finally! Today is the first day in Kansas that's really felt like spring. We've gotten oh-so-close a couple of times before, but today's a perfect 66 degrees Fahrenheit, with the sun streaming down and literally not a single cloud in the sky. Even the slight breeze is warm. It's the kind of day where the only right thing to do is get outside and drink it in, let the warmth chase the chill from your bones.

Actually, winter is my favorite season, hands down. But spring more than carries its weight as a season to celebrate. Living in Kansas, it's the variance of the seasons — the melting and mixing that draws a new face on the earth and an altered mood into the air — that sings with life. The seasons here roll through constant change, usually in a moderate flux, sometimes calming into a steady hum, and, occasionally, exploding in roiling, earthshaking assertions of vigor. The changes seem to mirror all the moods and stages we go through, from rowdy jubilance to the quiet moments we each sometimes crave, to rest, reflect and regenerate. Though winter carries the most magic in my heart, it's the moving onward that's fully captivating and invigorating. And it's the full expression of each season that leaves us hungry for the next, so we can grasp the gifts and trials of each, fresh and eager with anticipation.

So, as it does every year, the land here is transforming. Colors that have hidden for months are peeking hello. The earth is softening in a gesture of hospitality to seeds and saplings, and all variety of animals and birds are making sounds, rustling and chatting as they shake out their fur and stretch high into warm wind. As all of this busyness is commencing, we're all looking forward to something, maybe seeing a particular flower or enjoying dinner on the porch. 

For me, spring's knob-kneed kid goats make everything right in the world. And there are few things more reassuring than the spattering, sliding and sometimes clamoring sound of spring rain on the roof. But truth be told, nothing says spring (or home) more than the deep, pungent smell of freshly turned soil. Every inch of our farm exuded that fragrance this time of year. Whether you were in the middle of the walnut grove or smack in the center of a field waiting for corn, it was inescapable, rich and smelled more than anything else like life. You can do anything with soil like that. It carries all the promise in the world, if you're willing to do your part. Even if you don't, not an inch will go to waste. A few weeks from now, flowers, weeds, grasses and insects by the dozen will be pushing and buzzing and thriving in and around that soil. There's nothing like that smell, nothing.

What are you most looking forward to, or already relishing, this spring?

john g_2
4/2/2010 8:37:15 PM

82 degrees here, just finished planting the garden. potatoes, squash,beans,peas,onions( white,purple and yellow),watermelon,cantaloupes,corn,radish,turnips and on and on. need to wait till the 15th or so for the tomatoes. the raspberries,blackberries allthe fruit trees are in bloom, looks like it is going to be a great year. 7:09 p.m. now and stll bright daylight outside. days are getting warmer and longer and the pants are getting shorter and shoes are becoming less and less. the boys ( our two dogs, buddy and pepe ) got in trouble today for playing cowdogs with the neighbors herd of cows. nuff for now. peace

steve thyng
3/29/2010 9:20:18 PM

What I am most looking forward to this Spring is receiving issues of Mother Earth News in which the endlessly platitudinous eco/environmentalism articles have once and for all vanished, having been replaced by the good old how to articles that Mother Earth News built its reputation on in its early years. So, what are the chances, guys?

cindy mc_2
3/29/2010 4:57:47 PM

Having grown up in Kansas and still living here, I love the vivid, tender, fresh green of winter wheat springing up in the fields. For me, it is a shade of green that brings tears to my eyes and shouts SPRING! I also love the first time I hear a mourning dove's song. I can't wait until the garden dries out enough to get my hands in the soil. Finally, I agree with Lindsey; the smell of the first fire in the grill and the sizzle and aroma of bison burgers, which will be happening in about an hour!

3/29/2010 1:32:50 PM

I LOVE the first warmth of a sunny day, it is almost a euphoric feeling. I LOVE the blueness of the sky on a sunny day, it gives me awe. I LOVE the intenseness of the green grass that has a first flush of sun and warmth, it gives me peace. I LOVE the birds that sing mightily. I LOVE the breeze that has a relenting briskness. I LOVE the flowering trees, I see wild cherry out my window that tells me Spring is here!

3/29/2010 12:22:09 PM

The one thing I love about spring is the lovely little flowers.Last fall I planted some crocuses and now I have seen them bloom!They are definately one of the first signs of spring, besides the robins, here in Virginia.Now daffodils are blooming and the tulips and hyacinths are not far behind.The air is beginning to smell fresh and clean again.The sun bursts through the clouds after a long winter.It is so wonderful!Also I can begin sowing seeds in my greenhouse and can play around in the dirt again.I love spring!Grow world, grow!Happy spring and Easter to you all.

3/29/2010 11:53:33 AM

I think what I like most about Spring may be the fact that each year, I find something new to savor. This year, it was that moment, when my 5 year old grandson commented to me that my place was his favorite place to come while we stopped for an outdoor lunch the day we built the new fire pit to boil sap on in the back yard. Even though that day we were still slogging through a foot of snow to get to the buckets, we also watched a pair of Bluebirds inspect a potential new home in a hole in a dead tree.

big sweat
4/23/2009 11:33:28 AM

After a long full winter- the return of the sun and song birds are most welcome.

kristina norrad
4/13/2009 4:32:12 PM

lets say the only thing i don't like about spring is the annual doggie poo clean up...other than that..i love the first strong heat of the sun to my raising morning to the heat in the afternoon where you feel envious of you kitty laying in the living room window..the best of all is the warmth the sun brings to your bones while you plant away in the green house,,,ahhhhhhhhhh bless it be to all...

alice rockey_1
4/13/2009 1:45:54 PM

The sound of peepers! After freezing three times, it's officially spring. Going to sleep with windows open, hearing them sing all night is my favorite part of spring!

tandra horning
4/9/2009 7:34:38 PM

Several years ago, you had an article about seeds that had to do with cloning and/or something having to do with making seeds where they will not reproduce, and there was a concern that this could affect wild plants as well, I do not know the specifics about the article, but the subject came up and I was wondering if any one knows the article I am speaking of and give me more information about it. I am brand new to blogging, can I get an email for this info or just recheck the blog page? Thanks for any help.

4/9/2009 9:47:47 AM

Though I am a true fan of the fresh soil smell, my favorite smell of spring is the first charcoal torch smell...you know the one, when you can finally go outside and stand for more that 10 minutes without freezing and the only thing hitting your face is the smell of a fresh hamburger patty sizzling on the grill....yeah SPRING!!

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