Introducing the Farming With Carnivores Network

| 3/22/2016 10:27:00 AM

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Eastern Coyote by Jacques Tournel 

The importance of the actions and perspectives of those who came before us cannot be overstated. We live in, and view the world with a perspective that was created by them. Then again, our actions and perspectives are creating a world for those who come after us.

In my previous blogs I wrote about these historical perspectives, and how deeply they have influenced our farming. But we are in our own time now, and we are creating the future as we speak. We are re-creating farming from the ground up, as we leave behind old perspectives regarding our relationship with the land, and the intelligent species we share it with.

As a member of my community, I support sustainable farming in all its many facets — from enriching our soils and pastures, protecting clean water sources, supporting healthy forests, impacting global warming, and keeping successful and happy farming families on the land, and much, much more.

As a biologist, I support these farmers who are seeking to create a farming for the future; one that we are creating today. And that is why I have collaborated with leading farmers, experts on guardian animals and fencing, and fellow biologists to create the new educational and supportive website, Farming With Carnivores Network.

3/22/2016 2:19:57 PM

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