Fall In the Rockies Invigorates the Senses

| 9/25/2015 9:40:00 AM

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There is one time of the year in the mountains that is special and above all other seasons in my opinion. Spring, summer and winter all have their special beauty but it is fall that titillates four of our five senses.

Springtime treats us to slightly warmer temperatures and replaces the bleakness from winter. It is at this time that we have fields of wildflowers revealing their array of beauty and vegetation transforms from brown to various hues of green. New growth overshadows the drab that has remained hidden under the snow for our long winter months.

Summertime is short and therefore with the warmer temperatures we try to cram all the outdoor activity we can into those few weeks where we can be outside in a tee shirt or short sleeves. We then witness baby deer, elk and tiny bear cubs that are awkward but inquisitive and always under the constant eye of their mothers. Baby birds are being born and awkwardly try to fly for the first time. Suddenly insects abound and become annoying pests for a time.

Then comes the long months of winter where everything is buried under snow for what seems an eternity. Everything in winter is dazzling and glitters but also adds a cold factor that can chill us to the bone. None of these seasons equal fall in my estimation.

The Five Senses of Fall

The only season that invokes four of our five senses is fall time. We see the aspen trees changing to various hues of yellow with some red-orange mixed in and the scrub oak trees are turning various shades of red and orange. When it rains, the aspen leaves produce a scent that simply can not be described. The balsam fir needles take on a heavenly fragrance and the warm pine needles emit a scent that just makes me want to bottle it up so it can be preserved and last for the remainder of the year. It is too bad blogs can’t have a scratch-and-sniff aspect to them so everyone could enjoy the wonderful smells of fall in the mountains.

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