European Travel Tips: Eurailpass vs Inter-Rail Pass, European University Rides and Friendly Amsterdam

European travel tips from MOTHER's tours discusses the pros and cons of Eurailpass vs Inter-Rail pass, finding free European university rides and the friendly and well-mannered citizens of Amsterdam.

| September/October 1982

Travel tips from the Getting There column shares travel info on using the Eurailpass vs Inter-Rail pass, free rides through European university bulletin boards and the friendly manners of Amsterdam. 


Upon returning from MOTHER's tours to Scotland and the Alps, we found our mail — as well as our minds — filled with more tips about European travel than we have space for. Here are the best of the bunch.


Two issues back we reported on the advantages an Inter-Rail pass, rather than the better-known Eurailpass, has to offer folks under 26 years of age . . . and we quoted our correspondent as saying that the two are valid for approximately the same countries. That, writes Kathleen Wilson, is not exactly true. "A Eurailpass," she points out, "is good in western Europe, excluding the British Isles, and can be used on a number of buses, lake and river steamers, and ferries . . . such as the one from Brindisi, Italy to Patras, Greece." (Participants in MOTHER's recent adventures used Eurailpasses for lovely cruises on Lake Thun and Lake Geneva.)

But Inter-Rail, as Kathleen notes, is valid in western Europe ( including Britain), parts of North Africa, and eastern Europe (although you'll still have to pay full fare in East Germany) . . . and also offers a 70% discount on some boats. Keep in mind, however, that you must pay half fare for all train rides within the country in which you purchase the pass, so Kathleen suggests that you buy and start using your Inter-Rail ticket in a small country, such as Luxembourg, to keep this expense to a minimum.

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