The Presidential Candidates Environmental Report Card on George W. Bush and Al Gore

MOTHER EARTH NEWS provides a environmental report card on George W. Bush and Al Gore for the upcoming 2000 presidential candidate.

| April/May 2000

Which presidential candidates are best on environmental issues? Find out with MOTHER's environmental report card on George W. Bush and Al Gore. 

The grades are in. Anticipating the presidential election in November, MOTHER EARTH NEWS has compiled an environmental report card for the primary party candidates. AI Gore performs well in some areas but shows room for improvement, while George W. Bush 's marks, particularly for his voting record on air quality, suggest its high time he hit the books. 

—Peter Carter 

Al Gore


Worked for new air quality controls as a senator and endorses tougher vehicle emission standards and phase-out of older polluting power plants. He has backed away though from putting pressure on Detroit emissions standards.


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