Developing an Ecomind to Save the Planet

By developing an ecomind, an outlook in which we shed certain “thought traps” of environmentalism, we can better implement a plan to heal our ailing planet.

| August 20, 2013

In EcoMind (Nation Books, 2011), Frances Moore Lappé — a giant of the environmental movement — confronts accepted wisdom of environmentalism. Drawing on the latest research from anthropology to neuroscience and her own field experience, she argues that the biggest challenge to human survival isn’t our fossil fuel dependency, melting glaciers or other calamities. Rather, it’s our faulty way of thinking about these environmental crises that robs us of power. Lappé dismantles seven common “thought traps” — from limits to growth to the failings of democracy — that belie what we now know about nature, including our own, and offers contrasting “thought leaps” that reveal our hidden power. The excerpt below comes from chapter 1, “Our Challenge — Developing an EcoMind.”

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Developing an EcoMind

“So where are we going? And why are we in a handbasket?”

12/20/2013 1:16:15 AM

Most people on this planet are too busy with just surviving, they will not even ever hear about "ecomind", let alone try to "develop" it. What would work though would be all of us trying to develop a commonly held vision of what this Earth should look like at its optimum, so that we all have an idea of what we should strive for. As it is now, we all work for different kinds of futures that, in most cases, are not even compatible with each other--no wonder that collectively we are on a road to perdition. More on this at www.ModelEarth.Org . Thank you, Hearthstone.

12/18/2013 5:01:06 PM

What a bunch of BS, and I'm paying for this reporting.

12/18/2013 1:10:40 PM

While we all know the green issue is just not even logical at times. There are areas of the US that are completely devastated and frankly raped. Google the Southeastern area of Ky, Hazard, Ky and surrounding area, take a look at the cleared and naked mountains. This is the work of those millionaires who are not affected by this horrific problem, they live hundreds of miles away. Cancer is ramped there, the water is polluted. Oh, yes they replant, making little ponds of pollution. Roads are everywhere for the huge machinery. The average citizen is being cheated and deceived of the natural resources that have been on their land for centuries. Being told that the mineral rights were sold long before they were born, that the coal company owns the lease. This is a part of the corruption long since in the business. I think you are going to be surprised when you look at this area.

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