Educational Vacations to the U.S.S.R., South America, Kenya, and the Canyonlands

The magazine hosted educational vacations to the Soviet Union, South America, Kenya, and the Canyonlands in 1979.

| March/April 1979

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The education vacations planned for 1979 include an opportunity to camp near Mt. Kenya.


Spring is just around the corner. It won't be long until a bunch of adventurous MOTHER EARTH NEWS readers pack up their gear and head out together on some matchless educational vacations!

And, since we always try to provide just a little more than might be expected, we have some interesting new developments to report on our Health and Nutrition Tour of the U.S.S.R. and our expedition to study The Peoples and Cultures of the Andes and the Amman.  

The U.S.S.R.: Later and Longer

The dates of our U.S.S.R. tour (formerly May 27 through June 16) have been moved back. It will now take place from May 31 through June 23, 1979. This new arrangement was necessary (so the Russians told us) in order to make good inter-country connections on their new spring and summer schedules. While it may mean that some of the people who have already signed up for the tour (and the response has been nothing short of amazing!) will have to alter their plans a bit, the revised schedule does have a number of distinct advantages.

First, thanks to some fancy footwork by our friends at the Citizen Exchange Corps, the new dates give us—for the same $1,900—three more days (a 24-day trip instead of a 21-day trip) to study the fascinating subjects of preventive medicine, natural cures, nutrition, and aging—the latter done so joyously and gracefully by some of the charming centenarians of the Caucasus.

The extra time also allows us to throw in an exciting bonus: the addition of Samarkand to the itinerary. This is one of the oldest cities of civilization; both Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan considered it a prize worth conquering. Our visit there—where the majority of the population still wear native dress and the food is not your usual Russian fare—will add another dimension to the trip and expose us to even more of the cultural diversity of the Soviet Union.

The final good news from the Russian front is that Walter McKain, Professor Emeritus at the University of Connecticut and the Academic Leader for last year's trip, has agreed to travel with us again.

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