Mother's Educational Travel Adventures

In keeping with its mission, MOTHER EARTH NEWS organized a number of educational travel adventures around the world for 1981.

| September/October 1980

065 educational travel adventures - sau paulo distillery

Distilleries, like this one near Sao Paolo that turn sugar cane into alcohol fuel, are one notable of many stops on MOTHER EARTH NEWS' educational travel adventures.


We've all heard it said that there's nothing quite so educational as travel. Well, MOTHER EARTH NEWS' Tours expand on that truism, seeking out educational travel adventures that not only offer the usual cultural, historical, and recreational travel attractions ... but also provide a chance to meet with experts in fields that we believe will be of interest (and of lasting value) to our readers!

Checking Out China

For example, about the time readers received this issue, 32 of MOTHER EARTH NEWS' tourists boarded a Japan Airlines flight in San Francisco for the long journey to Beijing and southern China's semitropical agricultural regions. Once there, they studied—for almost three weeks—some of the intensive farming methods used to feed that country's huge population.

This unusual tour filled up within weeks after it was announced ... so we entered negotiations with the Chinese government to plan another such trip next summer. Our second excursion will visit China's northern "grain belt."

Brazil's "Liquid Sunshine"

Brazil is often referred to as South America's "sleeping giant," but during the 1973 OPEC embargo that nation's government was wide awake to the country's energy situation. Because the land has almost no petroleum resources of its own, Brazil began—at that time—serious research into the possibility of switching its gasoline and diesel vehicles to renewable fuels.

The Brazilian people have since made remarkable progress, and—from January 16 to February 1, 1981—you'll have a chance to see for yourself what they've accomplished on a nationwide basis, and an opportunity to talk to some of the growers, distillers, engineers, scientists, and government officials who are helping to complete the switch from a petroleum-based to an alcohol-fuel-based economy.

Since no trip to Brazil would be complete without a look at the mysterious Amazon, our journey will begin in Manaus, an old rubber boom town located 1,000 miles up this mighty river and in the very heart of the great South American jungle. From there, we'll move on to Recife, an old colonial city called the "Venice of Brazil," where large alcohol fuel distilleries will be in full operation.

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