Educational Tours to Scottland, the Alps, Nepal, Israel, and the South Pacific

If you were contemplating any kind of global excursion in 1982, MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine had educational tours to meet every need and interest.

| September/October 1981

MOTHER EARTH NEW' upcoming program of educational tours is so extensive that—in the space available here—we can do little more than provide the briefest of outlines for each tour. But if one of the following trips appeals to you, send us your deposit by certified check or money order to assure your place.

A Touch of Magic

Our newest travel offering—which we call A Visit to Findhorn and Friends— will take place from May 20 to June 6, 1982, and is a tour designed for people who would like to explore inner as well as outer,realms. Flying to Scotland, we'll first go to Findhorn, where we'll participate in an "Experience Week," an introduction to all phases of the life of this alternative community, including lending a hand in the various work departments that help make this such a remarkably beautiful and well-functioning planetary village.

The following week we'll travel to Scotland's opposite coast on the Hebridean island of Erraid, which the Findhorn Foundation folks caretake and are developing into a self-sufficient community. While there, we'll also spend some time on the nearby sacred isle of Iona, a "place of power" in both Celtic and early Christian tradition.

This visit to a unique, visionary community (set among the rainbows, golden gorse, and historical sights of northern Scotland) will end with several days in the wonderful city of Edinburgh. The entire trip will cost approximately $1,600, all-inclusive except for a few meals. A $200 deposit will reserve your ticket for this magical encounter.

An Alpine Adventure

Strolling through a flower-strewn Alpine meadow—with picture-book Swiss and Austrian villages far below and jagged, snowcapped peaks rising up in the background—is the kind of experience that can rekindle a person's wonder at the beauty our earth is capable of. For that reason, we have decided to offer—from June 11 to 26, 1982—a Wild Plants Walk in the Alps. After a stopover to enjoy Holland's legendary, once-in-a-decade flower show, we'll take you on mountain footpaths near Salzburg, Kitzbuhel, Innsbruck, Liechtenstein, Zurich, and Geneva and learn about the edible wild plants and herbs that grow along the spectacularly lovely route.

The tour is tentatively priced at $1,770, which will include airfare, camping equipment, lodging, and two meals a day. Send $200 to reserve your place.

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