Ecotourism in San Diego, Part 2

| 5/17/2016 12:57:00 PM

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San Diego Farmers' Markets

Beyond the bicycling, ocean kayaking and whale watching that my family and I enjoyed on an ecotourism sojourn to San Diego (see Ecotourism in San Diego Part 1), the city is home to a couple authentic farm-to-table restaurants and has a few places where you can spend the night in comfortable, and green, accommodations. 

Our family found the abundance of farmers’ markets ideal in preparing our own meals at our rented beach house along the Mission Beach boardwalk, a place that came with three beach cruisers for our use.

Farm Fresh

Surprisingly, the San Diego area is home to one of the largest collections of small farms in any county in America.  Credit this to both the high cost of land and near ideal growing climate – year round. Many farms are able to harvest crops every day of the year, choosing to grow high value food crops instead of commodities. 

As a result, San Diego offers a farmers’ market on nearly every day of the week.  With the robust cottage food laws in California, there’s also an abundance of artisanal food products from hand-crafted breads to desserts, plus plenty of options for gluten-free baked goods (more on this in a future blog!).

Like the various neighborhoods in the city, each farmers’ market tends to have a vibe of its own.  In Ocean Beach, the evening market is as much a party as it is a place to shop for your week’s provisions.  From poi spinners and blues concerts to long-haired hippies walking around in bare feet, it’s a place to chill out. 

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