World Travel: Economical Trip Explorations Of The World

MOTHER's "tours that teach" are economical trip explorations of the world, including Alaska's Tatshenshini river rafting trip, biking through China, France and Hawaii's alternative energy tours, South Seas ecology, travel to Nepal and Japanese botony tour.

| July/August 1982

MOTHER's "tours that teach" provide MOTHER readers with a chance to experience economical trip explorations of the world. 

This world, after all our science and sciences, is still a miracle..." (Thomas Carlyle) 

Our aim, in arranging MOTHER's "tours that teach", is to offer the chance to visit some of the planet's most beautiful and intriguing areas . . . provideing travelers with experiences they couldn't easily seek out on their own through economical trip explorations of the world. Well, we think that our two latest trip additions—an Energy Tour of Hawaii and a Tour of the Plants and Gardens of Japan—achieve this goal, in spades! Here, then, in chronological order are short descriptions of these and our other future adventures . . . all of which are designed to enhance the participant's appreciation of this wonderful, inscrutable, magical, and miraculous Spaceship Earth.


Dante wrote: "Nature is the art of God." Few of us, though, get a chance to see the earth's masterpieces in their pristine, unsullied state. However, our upcoming raft trip to Alaska (August 15 to 26, 1982) will allow you to do just that. From the time we put our rafts into the "Tat" at Dalton Post until we take them out ten days later at Dry Bay, we'll be surrounded by one of nature's few remaining unspoiled panoramas.

Weaving through one of Alaska's most inaccessible regions, the 150-mile Tatshenshini river system encounters the planet's highest range of coastal mountains (including Mt. Logan, which—at almost 20,000 feet—rivals Mt. McKinley). In fact, the whole trip (coordinated by Sobek Expeditions, which is among the world's foremost river-running outfitters) is rich with attractions. The area has the highest concentration of bald eagles on earth . . . the world's largest non-polar glacier system . . . a series of waterfalls that would be jam-packed with tourists anywhere else in the country . . . and—at the time of year we'll be going—summer nights enriched with the flashing, colorful lights of the aurora borealis. All in all, this trip should be a scenic wildlife spectacular that'll dazzle the mind and lift the spirit.

However, if you'd like to experience Mother Nature at her best, you'll have to act almost immediately, since by the time you read this, we'll be completing our preparations for this superb expedition. We'll need your full payment of $1,490 (which covers the cost from Haines, Alaska and back to Haines) just as soon as possible.

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