Economic Outlook: The Eerie Wisdom of CV Myers

To those who were listening, the economic outlook and investment advice CV Meyers provided in his Myers' Finance & Energy newsletter made investors a lot of money in the late 1970s.

| March/April 1980

One wise elder of the tribe is worth at least twenty million slick buffoons.  

I walked right through the door,
Not knowing any more . . .
Than I was ready for.
 — Jessie Coulter

There is a slightly grizzled and very wise 67-year-old man by the name of C.V. Myers that you should know about. Why? Because C. Vernon Myers is a genuine oracle. A visionary. An elder of the tribe who possesses the repeatedly demonstrated ability to divine the future.

Would you like to be rich? Vern Myers can make you extremely rich. (See. I told you you should meet this guy.) And I know that to be a documentable fact because Mr. Myers has made many people—most of whom he has never even met—rich beyond their dreams during the past ten years.

I will tell you exactly how C. Vernon Myers did that. He did it by publishing something called Myers' Finance & Energy . . . a roughly semi-monthly eight-page newsletter published 14 times a year. For at least the past decade, MFE has been one of the best—if not the best—bargains in the world.

A bargain, that is, if you had any money at all in the early 1970's. Because on January 1, 1972—when Vern still lived in Canada—he told his readers to take their funds out of the stock market (which, in real terms, was worth about half again as much as it is today) and out of the banks (which have been paying less interest than the rate of inflation throughout the past decade). "Put your money 100% into gold," C.V. said—gold was then selling for $35 an ounce—"and gold mining shares."

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