Eco-Village's Expanded Seminar Program for 1982

Find out what programs were offered during the summer of 1982 at MOTHER EARTH NEWS' Eco-Village.

| March/April 1982

If you've kept up with Mother's Seminars for the last three years, you know that we've consistently tried to make each summer here at our North Carolina mountain property better than the previous one by continuing to pack more on-site, action-oriented, "get your hands dirty" learning into every class that we offer. Well, 1982 will be no exception.

The program changes we're introducing this year will, we hope, make it easier for each participant to design a tailor-made vacation that fits his or her individual interests and schedules. For one thing, we've repackaged two of our most popular seminars as one-day lecture courses, which are to be followed by optional (first come, first served) two-day, hands-on practice sessions. Therefore, if you sign up for Cordwood Construction or Low-Cost Solar, you'll have the choice of attending only the classroom day or of sticking around to apply your book learning in the workshop.

Furthermore, several of our seminars — Wood-stove Construction, Alternative Waste Management, and Meat/Dairy Production — will each feature two days of combined lecture and hands-on learning. Meanwhile, Earth-Sheltered Homes, which was probably the biggest-drawing class in last year's lineup, will still provide three full days of instruction.

Of course, we'll also offer an exciting array of one-day seminars, including our most popular classes from past summers and some intriguing new additions. For example, we're introducing a series of one-day courses in around-the-homestead skills (such as welding, plumbing, and carpentry) designed to help homeowners handle a variety of maintenance and repair tasks.

As you might imagine, MOTHER EARTH NEWS' seminar staff thinks this will be just about the most complete and flexible program we've ever put together. We're already looking forward to sharing a lot of valuable information with our guests. Look over the following course descriptions, and make plans now to visit MOTHER EARTH NEWS' Eco-Village during one of our 1982 seminar weeks: June 14-19, July 1217, or August 16-21. It may very well turn out to be a vacation that will positively — and permanently — affect the way you live!

Cordwood Construction

Learn this low-cost, anyone-can-do-it building method in the classroom and then try it yourself. Workshop participants will examine the cordwood structures we've already built at the Eco-Village and help MOTHER EARTH NEWS' crew construct some new buildings.

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