The Last Laugh: The Easter Egg Roll

Even a really damp spring won't deter a politician from participating in an Easter Egg roll when an election, money, and pride are at stake.

| March/April 1980

"Now is the time when men work quietly in the fields and women weep silently in the kitchen. The legislature is in session, and no man's property is safe." - Daniel Webster  

Well sir, early spring ain't never a partic'larly arid season in Barren County, but the past few weeks has been real world-beaters fer dampness. Fact is thet Lafe Higgins's geese've took to floatin' on they backs ev'ry once't in a while . . . jist so's their feet kin have a chance to unwrinkle!

O'course, the ol' loafers over to the Gen'ral Store ain't about to let a spate of inclement weather disrupt their proceedin's none. No sir, them fellers kin swap tall tales an' play pranks come fair days or foul. You could almost say thet they find a little bit of proddin' on the part of the elyments to be downright inspirin'.

Take last week, fer example. Ol' Newt Blanchard were warmin' up with a batch of welterweight lies when his monylogue was interrupted by Skeeter Ridges . . . who come runnin' in the front door all winded an' wheezin' like an eight-quart canner at full steam!

"You fellers ain't gonna believe this," Skeet began, "but I jist heered thet Fletcher Roebuck's boy, Clovis, is fixin' to treat all the young'uns in the Crossin' to an Easter egg roll over to the town hall square come Thursday next."

"Why," Newt responded, "don't thet little politickin' weasel know the river's up an' over its banks an' the square is neck-deep in water? Shucks, Ott here's been settin' a trot-line off'n the bandstand fer two days now . . . claims he's hauled in some pretty good catfish, too!"

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