New Directions Radio: On-Air Activities and East and West Coast Radio Roundtables

New Directions Radio shares news about the annual ham radio flea market, on-air radio activities and east and west coast radio roundtables.

| September/October 1982

Copthorne Macdonald is an amateur radio enthusiast, inventor of slow scan television, and founder of New Directions Radio. New Directions Radio article MOTHER EARTH NEWS NO. 77, September/October 1982.  

The New Directions Radio column shares the latest on radio activities, including on-air radio activities and east and west coast radio roundtables. 

Not long ago, a number of us East Coast NDR folks held our second annual springtime get-together. As was the case last year, we rendezvoused at the Deerfield, New Hampshire fairgrounds . . . scheduling the event for the second Saturday in May so it would coincide with the annual ham radio flea market held at that same site.

Among the NDR gang present were Harry (KA2DRE) and Marty Spelta from Hoosick Falls, New York . . . who brought along a couple of wind generators to display at the flea market. Bill Hanrahan (KA1KF) was there, too, sharing the drive from Plymouth, Massachusetts with a friend . . . and the Maine crew was represented by Lee (KL7IJG) and Linda Branum and Bob (K1PPR) and Avis Robinson.

The flea market proved to be entertaining, but — as a result, I suppose, of the present state of the economy — it seemed that a lot less merchandise changed hands this spring than had in years past. (For example, Marty and Harry gave out a great deal of literature on the 12-volt Winchargers that they market, but didn't actually sell a single unit.) After spending the better part of the day poking through the tables of electronic gear, our group packed up and caravaned 100 miles North to a shared campsite in the White Mountains. There we enjoyed an evening of good food, wine, and talk . . . and had a chance to make a few decisions concerning future New Directions Radio events.


As a result of those discussions — and of the data gathered through Harry's NDR questionnaire, described in MOTHER NO. 76 — we've made a few changes in our schedule of fall radio activities.

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