Planet Earth News: Curbing Chemical Waste, Regulating Salmon Farming and Acid Rain

MOTHER EARTH NEWS environmental planet earth news briefs includes legislation approved in 1986, California's efforts to curb chemical waste, regulating salmon farming and more.

| March/April 1987

Regulating salmon farms

The state of Washington's Department of Ecology has responded favorably to a request from the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund to regulate salmon farming.


Environmental planet earth news briefs, including legislation approved in 1986, California's efforts to curb chemical waste, regulating salmon fishing, and a bill to attack the problem of acid rain. 

Environmental Planet Earth News

Congress ended 1986 with a flurry of activity just prior to the elections, and many of the bills considered at the last minute were environmental. Of greatest concern were reauthorization of the Clean Water Act and the Superfund. They passed Congress comfortably—in fact, the House and Senate both unanimously approved the water bill.

But the White House wasn't quite so enthusiastic. President Reagan did reluctantly sign the Superfund bill, which replenishes the fund used to clean up abandoned toxic waste dumps to the tune of $8.5 billion. He didn't like the price tag but was persuaded by fellow Republicans that a veto would be very costly at the polls.

But $18 billion for the Clean Water Act renewal was more than the president could swallow. He sat on the bill until Congress had adjourned and the elections were history. Then he vetoed it.

Congressional sponsors reintroduced the Clean Water Act as their first order of business when they returned in January. Its progress bears watching.

Other Legislation Approved in 1986

The Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area in Oregon and Washington, a top priority of environmental groups for more than a decade, finally made it through.

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