Earth Law Center Officially Launches Ocean Rights Framework

| 5/21/2018 8:39:00 AM

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PhotoForClass by Creative Commons

Photo by Class for Creative Commons

Michelle Bender, Ocean Rights Manager, spoke at a panel and officially launched the Earth Law Framework for Marine Protected Areas at the ocean conference at EARTHx in Dallas TX this year.

What is a Marine Protected Area?

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) defines Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) as protective management of natural areas so as to keep them in their natural state. MPAs can be conserved for a number of reasons including economic resources, biodiversity conservation, and species protection. They are created by delineating zones with permitted and non-permitted uses within that zone.

If you have been fishing in central California, diving near a shipwreck in the Florida Keys, camping in Acadia, snorkeling in the Virgin Islands, or hiking along the Olympic Coast, you were probably one of thousands of visitors to an MPA in the United States. 

What does Earth Law mean?

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