Earth Day Quotes and Messages

Quotes about Earth and humankind's relationship to Earth from a collection of contributors, some well known and others less so.

| March/April 1990

On the night of April 22, 1990, Earth Day, the contents of the March/April 1990 issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS was broadcast into space from the summit of Mount Everest. The following is a collection of messages, commemorating Earth Day and reflecting on the seriousness of the human situation in balance with the planet.

Most scientists know what needs to be done to save our Earth. But the politicians don't listen to them. They will listen to popular pressure; the people got to supply that.
—Peter Seeger, Folksinger  

We are hopeful that you will want to visit our planet in the near future. We are in the process of restoring our environment to its original grandeur, and hope to have completed the task before your RSVP.
—Jeremy Rifkin, Greenhouse Crisis Foundation  

We could have saved it, but we were too damned cheap.  
—Kurt Vonnegut, Novelist 

To be alive on this planet is to be oriented. Plants will twist into contortions to achieve proper alignment with their source of energy. A cat, after falling to the ground, will immediately recalculate its coordinates. A hospital patient, after regaining consciousness, will always ask, "Where am I?"

Good question. Human beings ask the same question about all basic orientations—about love, family, work, status, meaning, eternity. The answers are increasingly unclear. The conditions of modern life are now disorienting, and therein lies the human dilemma.

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