MOTHER EARTH NEWS: December 2012/January 2013

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MOTHER EARTH NEWS: December 2012/January 2013 

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Homemade Whole-Grain Bread: You Have to Try This Amazing Recipe
Better-tasting, more nutritious bread for just a buck a loaf? Yes, you can! We’ve tapped techniques from bakers past and present to create a versatile recipe for 100 percent whole-grain bread that delivers exceptional flavor and texture.



A Guide to DIY Kit Homes
Do you dream of building your own home but think you can’t afford it? A kit home may be just the key to unlocking that dream. Check out your options in our guide to kit homes for every style, size and budget.

Saving Seeds: 7 Reasons Why and Dozens of Tips for How
Spend less, grow better crops and become more self-reliant by learning how to save your own seeds. When you do, you join a chain of farmers, gardeners and seed savers that dates back to the Stone Age.