Crossing the Spectrum

| 10/17/2013 3:58:00 PM

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Every time I leave the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR I come home with a bag full of stuff that I have accumulated along the way. My youngest son typically tears into the bag, once exclaiming that my return from the FAIR is always “like Christmas.”

As a gardener he gets excited about a new packet of seeds. As a keeper of chickens he is delighted to have some “chicken treats.” As a maker of soil he gets jazzed about a packet of mineral additives or a bag of alpaca poop.

My other children are less enthusiastic about my return. Some of them are skeptical of the FAIR in general. The fact that Ed Begley Jr. is a regular attendee makes them think that the FAIR might be a worthwhile endeavor.

For some strange reason, not all of my children think like me.

Coming home from the fair in Lawrence, Kan., I stopped in Chicago to watch my daughter Jessalyn run in the Chicago Marathon. That night in the hotel room I handed her my MOTHER EARTH NEWS bag and explained how it is pretty much like cracking open a Christmas stocking.

She works in advertising in New York City. No garden. No chickens. No compost. But she ripped into the bag with a cautious optimism.

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