JanSport Backpacks Corporate Humor Wins MOTHER Over

JanSport manages to catch MOTHER's eye and a spot in the magazine by sharing their sense of corporate humor in photos of two old-time farmers in bib-overalls wearing JanSport backpacks.

| November/December 1975

What's this? Two old-timers wearing backpacks? On the farm? In bib overalls yet? 

We just couldn't help ourselves. We were surprised. Taken aback, you might say with this take on corporate humor.

For years, MOTHER EARTH NEWS has been getting an endless stream of boring press releases accompanied by boring product photos. And for years, we've been wondering why in heaven's name someone, somewhere, couldn't come up with a different angle. Something, you know... interesting. But no. The same old releases just kept coming, with headlines like: "CLAYBORN FITZHUGH ANNOUNCES MIRACLE TOOTHPICK!" and "NEW SCIENTIFIC SPONGE ABSORBS 29.73% MORE WATER!"

Ho hum.

But the other day, we opened a press packet from JanSport and out spilled the two ridiculous photos ... and it was a mighty refreshing change to receive such corporate humor to say the least.

So what the heck. In the name of innovation, imagination, and just plain fun, we're giving JanSport backpacks (Paine Field Industrial Park,  Everett, Washington) a free plug. Any company with such good-hearted grin on its corporate face had got to have something going for it.

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