How Trade-Skill Companies Can Hold Themselves More Environmentally Accountable

| 8/21/2015 10:17:00 AM

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A healthy environment: We can’t live without it. While the mainstream media appears to focus on either the mindless pollution tactics of Big Business or the everyday steps the consumer can take, the vital middleman is often forgotten: the skilled trades who build, install and repair. If you’re a skilled trade craftsman, here are examples of four skilled trades and the ways each can implement ecology-friendly services into their business.

Keep in mind, while the initial changes may appear cost-prohibitive, your investment will pay off in the long run because you’ll be able to use your “green living” services in your advertising campaigns. Today’s consumers are environmentally savvy, and will appreciate the company that takes the extra steps to make our world a little bit cleaner.


An electrical company well trained in the latest energy saving practices will always be in high demand. If you specialize in new construction, be in on the beginning consultations with the builder so the construction can include plans for heat pumps, solar panels and other electricity saving devices. If you specialize in remodeling consider offering energy audits as well as Energy Star rated appliances, programmable thermostats and LED lighting to complete your conservation services.


Often out of mind until the toilet plugs up, plumbers rule the waterworks in both new and old buildings.  Find a green plumber if you’re considering solar water, a tankless hot water heater or a water recirculation pump. Much like the electrician, a savvy plumber will offer a water saving audit as part of his services.

High efficiency showerheads, faucets and toilets are also part of the plumber’s domain. You can also specialize in landscape watering systems that minimize water waste and installation of off-the-grid products such as macerating toilets.

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When you look for Plumbers and for Electricians Glen Mills, PA company, make sure you find a contractor that is proficient technically and has their certification all up to speed. If you are having something installed in your business, it is especially important to make sure the Electricians Glen Mills, PA ( company is able to meet code for your particular district.

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