Stand Up and Sign Up: Community Farms Need You Now

| 2/10/2016 9:37:00 AM

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If you want to do something directly helpful about climate change, if you want to improve your family’s diet and health, if you want to increase food security in the region where you live, and if you want to support your local economy and help to create a better way to exist with the earth and each other, now is the time to act.

CSA Signup Day is Friday, February 26. Community farms and farmers (CSAs) need you, and you need them.

If your local farmers are going to be empowered to grow fresh, clean food for your household, and to steward the land in your name according to the highest ecological standards, then you need to stand up, step forward and sign up now.

CSA share - Creative Commons

February 26 has been identified as an optimum date for households and communities to take a stand in support their local farms and farmers by investing in a share of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). If the farmers know now that you are with them, they can move into spring with confidence and with the necessary resources to do their work on your behalf.

With cooperation and financial support up front, community farms can more effectively strive toward urgently practical ideals: drawing people together in healthy free-will association with one another to heal themselves and the land, while bringing forth the bounty and the beauty of the land.

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