Where Is That Cloning Machine?

| 9/27/2010 10:08:26 AM

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So, I’m now back in Baltimore (B-more) and my head is swimming from all the activities and people and demos at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR.

And my biggest question to all of these incredible innovators of these approaches to sustainable/wise living, all of these inventor types, farming practices visionaries — all of you is: How come you cannot come up with a cloning machine?

Seriously. I wanted to be in at least three or four places at the same time all weekend long. One of those places was my bed, since I was rather exhausted. But never mind that.

There were beekeeping workshops I wanted to attend. There was a demonstration on fermentation I never made it to. (Anyone ever think of offering a workshop on rumination? I would take that also. Thank god, that was not one option that I tried to get to but was pulled in another direction.)

There was the sheep dog demonstration that I caught part of it. But that is only because my friend and I were headed to the chairlift to have a fun ride up in the sky on the last afternoon to clear our heads from all the inspirational frenzy at the FAIR.

But because we took the chair lift ride, we missed about 34 workshops and demos. Two sessions, only two out of 10 held over the weekend. One of which was on Greening Funerals. Which is something that I’m not really thinking about right now, so I probably would not have attended that one. (Throw me in the ground and plant a peach tree. Thank you very much.)

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