Climate Change - The Opportunity

| 10/20/2012 10:48:35 AM

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“It’s not all gloom and doom. This is an opportunity to reinvent and retool America.”

This was the heart of the message that weather entrepreneur Paul Douglas brought to the Federal Reserve Board of Minneapolis last week, and it is at the heart of understanding climate change as well.

We do need to understand the science, the danger, and the enormity of the challenges facing us. But we have to move beyond the debate, and I believe the key to movinWind Farmg beyond the debate is to focus on the opportunities. Do that, and we might find the political will to do something about our planet’s health before it deteriorates too far.

We have only to look around the globe to realize that Green is a growth industry. As Paul Douglas notes, no other large economic player on the planet denies the science any more. But we do. And their economies are rushing to invent and produce the systems and equipment we need to “reinvent and retool” their economies. And we aren’t.

“We need to create America 2.0,” continues Douglas. “Mitigating climate change will require a level of sustained innovation and American reinvention that will propel the USA to a new competitive paradigm. American Exceptionalism: this is our Energy Moonshoot.”

On his own journey, Douglas has arrived at this conclusion by following two paths until they intersected.

11/8/2012 2:05:33 AM

Why are you uninformed people reading this anyhow. You do not even kave a good handle on the global warming concept, much less, can make a valid argument against it.

Gerald Nichols
11/6/2012 3:36:00 PM

How do you know? What are your proof sources for your statement.

Robert Sweetman
11/6/2012 5:34:57 AM

Agreed...The Sciences haven't proved there is anything called Global Warming.. (Oops, I meant Climate Change...they couldn't factually prove by any historical or imperative evidence of anything related to "Global Warming", so they changed the Name to "Climate Change to fit their ever evolving false theory's...)

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